Christmas Disaster

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Christmas Disaster




Sofia G., Marlena L. and Natasha G.

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The Attack

Christmas Disaster is the ninth episode of Season 1.


The episode starts with Emily looking around her un-decorated house and decides to call Selena and Jackie and ask if they want to come decorate and hang out with her because she is, "Kinda lonely". Later on Jackie and Selena come over and they decorate the house. The next day Emily is skypeing with Selena and Selena says she is excited for Emily's christmas party and Emily says she doesn't want to go to her party because, "None of my friends are going to be there and it's only going to be my dad's friends and I'll just be locked up in my room". It turns out that Jackie is also on skype and mentions that they will be there at 5:00 p.m. Emily responds sayiing she still just doesn't know and ends the skype call and runs out of her room. Jackie and Selena are still on the line and ask her to not go but she is already gone. We then find Emily going for a swim. Her party is about to start and Selena finds her in the ocean and asks her why she isn't getting ready for the party and Emily responds saying, "I don't want to go to my stupid party." And Selena asks why again and mentions that it is christmas and It's time to spend some time with her family and not just her friends. Emily says it's boring and they should just kill time and go for a swim. Selena agrees but says only for five minutes and then they will go to her party, Emily reluctantly agrees and they start their swim. Later on Jackie texts Selena and Emily but they do not answer, Jackie wonders where they are and thinks, "What if something happened to them?" and runs out of the room. Emily and Selena accidentally swim into a fishing net and get caught and lose coucsiousness. Jackie finds them, untangles them from the net and brings them to the surface she wakes them up and Emily learns her lesson and they go swimming and then went to the party together and had a good time. The next day The three girls fo swimmig together. The episode ends there


  • Every song used in this episode are by Taylor Swift (not counting the ending or the beginning theme.)