Emily Emery
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Portrayed By:

Natasha G.


10-11 (Season 1)
11-12 (Season 2)
12-13 (Season 3)





First Appearance:

A Waters Change

Last Appearance:



Mr. Emery (Father)

Best Friends:

Selena White,
Jackie Sky


Mia On / Off
The Shadow

Love interest



When Emily was little her mom died under a storm, Emily fell down into the ocean, and her mom tried to save her. But at last her mom could not climb up and fell down. Emily doesn't have any sisters or brothers, her background might be a little dark because of the loss of her mother.

Becoming A mermaid

Emily never found it hard to be a mermaid. She really enjoyed it and had alot of fun with the others. She likes having alone time swimming. After some time, Emily starts to begin thinking the hole mermaid thing is a mess because of some new changes. She wanted to give up her powers but Selena and Jackie stops her just in time. In mid-season two Emily's tail change coler to a dark pink.


Her two best friends are Selena and Jackie. They all met on the beach, and from that day on they were the best of friends. And in all of the time that they have been friends, they have only had one fight! Emily and Mia do not get along with eachother at all. And she finds it hard to handle Mia, after the girls saw Mia with another girl Jackie and Selena asked if Emily could check it out, she did and Mia told her to stay away so she would'tn make an' fish infection on her new friend. Mia always tells Emily that she is a fish freak which Emily finds annoyning.


Her first power was to make things fly, its a pretty useful power if shes against somebody. In the second season she gets the power to carry water.


She is a person who says what she means. And sometimes she can have a high temper,but not often. She is a friendly person, and she likes to be around her friends. She gets mad when people are evil to her, or just simply mean. Emily is definitly the most laid back out of the three. She is a very important character but doesn't do as much of the planning in regard to vanquishing Faith.