Before you can start editing on The3Tails Wiki you have to follow rules which are made so we can stop the 'haters/spammers' we all think those are annoyning to have running around - so simply: If you hate The3Tails, then you should NOT edit anything, not even for fun. Please be sure to check up on the pages, if there already is a page called what you wanted to create - then just edit the acutal page if you think it needs a thing or two. Some of the pages are procted. Which means they can only be edited by an admin, right now there are 1 admin. If you wanna be on the admin team, i'm sure I can find a place. First of all I need to know if I can trust you to not delete the wiki, that would just be disaster! secound thing is that you NEED to know proper english, or to write in english so other people understands you. To be admin you need to have an wikia account first so I can keep in contact with you, or if we need to talk/chat, just a youtube/facebook account!

Wanna be admin? Follow the link bellow:

Thank you for reading, and understanding. Or I hope you understand it.

PS: Non of The 3 Tails cast memebers are editing on here.

3tailsadmin 22:22, December 24, 2011 (UTC)