Portrayed By:

Julianna Goldsmith


10-15(chronologically) 100+(biologically)





First Appearance:

Answers or Not

Last Appearance:


Unnamed Grandmother

Best Friends:


Jackie Sky
Emily Emery
Selena White
Mia Thompson

Love interest

Faith is a supporting character of the series, acting as an antagonist.

History Edit

Faith was born in 1871. When she was eleven years old, Faith had created the diary; in it she wrote about her life as a mermaid. It is unknown as to how she can still look so young-even as a ghost-but there is a possibly that it may have something to do with her diary. She was murdered in a mysterious fire and, because she was unable to be buried, her soul hopelessly roamed around the earth for centuries.

Series Edit

Faith is first seen in "Answers or Not," where she kidnaps Jackie and takes her to The Rock, in order to lose her powers. She makes an appearance in the episode, "1871", when Mia steals her necklace. It is said that the first person to say Faith's name, while wearing/holding the object, will be abducted by her; Emily was the first one to say her name.

Appearance Edit

Faith seems to be in her early-to-mid teen's, with a slender body. Her hair is dark brown, appearing as thick, messy curls. Her eyes are dark brown, holding an cold look to them. Her skin is a light olive, while her tail is a indigo/violet/purple.

Personality Edit

Faith is not very friendly; this is shown in "Answers or Not." She kidnapped Jackie, as she didn't like that fact there were other mermaids around. One of the reasons why she hates the three girls so much is because they took the diary-a precious possession of hers-in the first place.

Powers Edit

Faith is a Human-Cat-Mermaid, therefore this allows her to have nine lives. It seems that only Emily, Jackie and Selena can see her, although there is the possibly of other mermaids having this ability, as well. Faith has been trying several times to kill Emily, Jackie, and Selena; this is due to the fact that she believes that, if she kills them, their powers will become her own. She also that that if she can kill the three girls, she will be able to come back to life.
Explanation of Faith

Explanation of Faith

Her Diary Edit

The diary is as evil as Faith herself. She had the diary since the age of 11. After Selena found her diary, Faith had placed all of her attention on the girls. After the girls read her diary, Faith realized that she could get her life back; by taking theirs. When she found her diary again, she was filled with shock, hatred, and disgust after learning of the new mermaid (Nikki). This implies that the diary is a magical object, used to keep an eye on the others mermaids.