Jackie Sky
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Portrayed By:

Sofia G.


10-11 (Season 1)
11-12 (Season 2)
12-13 (Season 3)





First Appearance:

A Waters Change

Last Appearance:



Unknown family memebers

Best Friends:

Selena White,
Emily Emery


Mia On / Off
The Shadow

Love interest



Jackie's background is pretty unknown. The only thing to be sure of is that she had known Selena since kindergarden. Jackie might have known Mia since kindergarten too, and had alot more fights with her than with Emily.

Becoming A mermaid

When Jackie became a mermaid she wanted to explore. She likes going on adventures, and she didn't find it hard to live life as a mermaid. She thought that after a year they will all get extra-ordinary powers over H2O (water) but the others didn't believe her. Later in the episode "Charmed", its shown that she was right. In mid-season two Jackie's tail change coler to orange.


Jackie became best friends with Selena in kindergarten. When she met Emily, Selena and her became best friends with her too. She doesn't have any friendship with Mia. But if there are trouble with Mia, Jackie always wants to help out, (Which could possibly form a friendship). Jackie bacame friends with Mia aswell as the others, but after a phone call with her, the three girls feels a bit screwed up because she rather hang out with her older friends, than with her new ones.


Jackie finds her first power in the first season. She can bring anything she wants to herself, without touching it. She forms her hand over the thing she wants to have, And then it comes to her very easily. In the second season she has the power to heat things, and boil water.


Jackie is a sensitive girl. She's caring, nice, and a great friend. She is normally the one to be out of the fights, or at least tries to solve them quickly. Jackie is more of a warmer character. She is probably the kindest and friendliest of them all.