Mia Thompson

Portrayed By:

Ruby R.


10 (Season 1)
10-11 (Season 2)
12-13 (Season 3)




Break things

First Appearance:

A Waters Change

Last Appearance:



Unknown family members

Best Friends:

Unknown best friends


Emily Emery, Jackie Sky & Selena White
On / Off

Love interest

Mabye had former boyfriends


Mia has always been the most popular girl in school. And always judges people who might seem nice, she thinks she is better than others just because she is popular. Mia had always hated Jackie and Selena, when Emily came she start hating her too. She doesn't really have any reason 'why' but it might be because she is jealous of how good friends the three are. Mia also might have had another background. In the third season its shown that she have some sort of contact with Faith, the evil "mermaid". Mia's real name is Maddy, which she told Emily before she left her house.  

Becoming A mermaid

Mia became a mermaid like the others did under the half moon in the cave. She reads the spell - and returns safely back home. She found it hard, because she didn't have any close friends to understand her. She always seemed to be stressed, not having control over anything. In mid-season two Mia's tail change coler to a dark pink.


Mia always says she has a gang of popular friends, or thats what Emily, Selena and Jackie think. But in real life, she dosen't have much friends. And even when Emily, Selena and Jackie try to help her and be friendly - it all backfires. Mia is used to refusing them, and can't see why this mermaid thing had to change it. But she needs them more than she knows. After some time, Mia came out for an accident and Selena had to help her. When they all talked about that day, they decided to take Mia into the group and learn her to swim and have control.


Mia found out about her power after being mad a Emily. She crushed her hand closely and before she knew it, a paper near her which was laying on the floor were in shreds. So she can break things. She only has one power.


She is mean, and only thinks about herself. The whole mean thing changed when she became a mermaid, she asked if Emily, Selena and Jackie would like to swim with her, but they said no. They were all in a choke over seeing Mia as a mermaid. After being around the girls for a while, she is becoming more friendly but not so caring. Later in the third season, we see that Mia is not who she says she is. Which by a deeper meaning, means, that Mia is not her real name, and she might have been acting an "friendship" with the girls.