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~ The 3 Tails is a very popular youtube show which started in 2010. The girls Sofia, Marlena, and Natasha are the big creators of the series. The show is about three mermaids named: Jackie, Selena and Emily, respectively. There is also a mean girl called Mia who is played by Ruby. In season two, she became a main character. There are currently three seasons. In March 2013 Natasha, Sofia and Marlena all confirmed that a professional movie was in the works, and it is planned to hit iTunes/Netflix in late 2014. They are working very hard, as making a movie is not easy. Because of this, episodes are slowed.

The 3 Tails Q&A!

The 3 Tails Q&A!

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Latest Episode

Somebody is Hiding Something

Emily, Selena, and Jackie start to get closer in unraveling the mystery behind Faith.

Featured Mermaid


When Jackie became a mermaid she wanted to explore. She likes going on adventures, and she didn't find it hard to live life as a mermaid. She thought that after a year they will all get extra-ordinary powers over H2O (water) but the others didn't believe her. Later in the episode "Charmed" ... Want to read more?

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