The diary of faith

Faith's original diary.

The Diary (also known as the Book of Secrets) was used by Faith before her death.


Series Edit

In "Answers or Not," Selena finds the diary, awakening Faith from her grave. Since her resurrection as a ghost, Faith created a new one; this made Selena think that there was another mermaid like her.

Appearance Edit

Faith diary 2

Faith's second diary, which is later stolen by the girls.

The first diary was spring green in color, with pages full of Faith's life as a mermaid. It had several stripes of hot pink, purple, and lime green. The ring spine was silver.

The second diary is reddish/orange-brown, with a strange pattern on the front. The edges of the pages have details on them, as well.

Powers/Abilities Edit

The second diary has spells and information that Faith had written about magic; the girls often use it for information about mermaids and magic. It also seems to have sensory abilities, as it knew that Nikki was a mermaid.